Bringing in the CLIOs

Grand Clio

VMLY&R brands brought home an incredible 28 awards from the 2023 CLIO Awards, including a Grand Clio!

“Los Santos +3°” by ALMA 11:11 AUDIO and Produka Filmes for Greenpeace Brazil

  • Gold in Radio - Public Service, Audio
  • Silver in Games - Public Service, Branded Entertainment & Content

“I Will Always Be Me” by VMLY&R New York for Dell Technologies, Intel, the Motor Neurone Disease Association and Rolls-Royce

  • Grand Clio in Audio: Product/Service
  • Gold in Use of Platform/Native Integration - Product/Service, Digital/Mobile
  • Gold in Product/Service, Partnerships & Collaborations
  • Silver in Digital/Mobile - Product/Service, Experience/Activation
  • Bronze in Digital/Mobile - Product/Service, Direct

“Jersey Pay” by VMLY&R Commerce Mexico City for Corona

  • Gold in Mobile Led Commerce - Product/Service, Creative Commerce
  • Gold in Payment Solutions - Product/Service, Creative Commerce
  • Silver in Experience - Product/Service, Creative Business Transformation
  • Bronze in Digital/Mobile - Product/Services, Experience/Activation

“The Systemic Racism Pin” by TAXI for Amnesty International

  • Silver in Use of Platform/Native Integration - Public Services, Digital/Mobile

“Shout” by VMLY&R México for Movistar

  • Silver in Editing - Product/Service, Film Craft (Editing)
  • Bronze in Music-Adapted - Product/Service, Film Craft (Music-Adapted)

"Boomerverse" by VMLY&R Kansas City for Wendy's

  • Silver in Single Platform - Product/Service, Social Media

"Smart Fill" by VMLY&R Commerce Mumbai for Unilever

  • Silver in Sustainable Commerce - Product/Service, Creative Commerce
  • Silver in In-Store Experience - Product/Service, Creative Commerce
  • Silver in Other - Product/Service, Experience/Activation
  • Silver in Environmental - Product/Service, Public Relations
  • Bronze in Services - Product/Service, Creative Business Transformation

"Billboard Label" by VMLY&R Commerce Bogota for Coca-Cola

  • Silver in Innovative Use of Channel - Product/Service, Creative Commerce

"Make it With Dairy" by TAXI for BC Dairy  

  • Silver in Film Craft - Sound Design

"The Impossible Combo" by Zubi Advertising for Burger King

  • Bronze in Experience/Activation - Product/Service, Direct

"Erstmal Essen (Eat First)" by Scholz & Friends for Uber Eats

  • Bronze in Copywriting - Product/Service, Film Craft (Copywriting)

"Fertility Finder" by VMLY&R New York for Baby Quest Foundation

  • Bronze in Digital - Public Service, Out of Home

"The Reality Flag" by VMLY&R Kansas City for Human Rights Campaign

  • Bronze in Billboard - Public Service, Out of Home

"It's How We Talk" by VMLY&R London for STAMMA

  • Bronze in Editing – Film Craft (Editing)

"Forced Labor Plug-in" by TAXI for the Human Rights Foundation

  • Bronze in Direct - Public Service, Digital/Mobile

    Founded in 1959 to honor excellence in advertising, the Clio Awards today celebrates bold work that propels the advertising industry forward, inspires a competitive marketplace of ideas and fosters meaningful connections within the creative community.

    Annually, The Clio Awards brings together leading creative talent for an exclusive and collaborative judging experience to select the entries that will win the coveted Grand, Gold, Silver and Bronze Clio statues.

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