VMLY&R Australia claims top spot

APAC Agency of the Year

VMLY&R has taken top honors in Campaign Brief’s “The Work 2023,” which features the very best advertising from Australia, New Zealand and Asia. 

On the Top Asia-Pacific Agencies list, VMLY&R Australia has been named the best performing agency for 2023. VMLY&R Australia has experienced two great years in The Work moving up to #1 this year from #3 overall last year.  

Additionally, on the Top Asia-Pacific Agencies list: 

  • VMLY&R Thailand #20 
  • Geometry Ogilvy Japan #33 (tied) 
  • VMLY&R New Zealand #33 (tied) 
  • VMLY&R Malaysia #59 
  • Singapore #135 

On the Asia’s Top 25 Agencies list:

  • VMLY&R Thailand #9
  • Geometry Ogilvy Japan #17

In individual countries: 

  • In Australia, VMLY&R Australia ranked #1 
  • In Malaysia, VMLY&R Malaysia ranked #2 
  • In Japan, Geometry Ogilvy Japan ranked #2 
  • In Thailand, VMLY&R Thailand ranked #4 
  • In New Zealand, VMLY&R New Zealand ranked #5 
  • In Singapore, VMLY&R Singapore ranked #10



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