VMLY&R victorious at Gerety Awards

Gerety Awards

VMLY&R companies have been honored with 24 recognitions at the Gerety Awards, including three gold, 14 silver, and 7 bronze. The awards celebrate the best in advertising — all advertising, not just advertising made for women — through the female lens. Winning work includes:

“Shout” by VMLY&R México City for Movistar

  • Gold in the Craft Cut > Cinematography category
  • Silver in Craft Cut > Copywriting
  • Silver in Craft Cut > Direction
  • Silver in Craft Cut > Music
  • Silver in Craft Cut > Sound Design
  • Bronze in Craft Cut > Editing

“FitChix” by VMLY&R Melbourne for Honest Eggs Co.

  • Gold in the Innovation Cut > Integrated category

“Buscapé. Back To The City of God” by VMLY&R São Paulo for Telefónica Vivo and Motorola

  • Gold in the Entertainment Cut > TV/Cinema category

“Dogs Without Borders” by VMLY&R Health Madrid, VMLY&R São Paulo, VMLY&R New York for KDOG Cancer Detection Group

  • Silver in the Pharma Cut > Alernative category
  • Silver in Work for Good Cut > Alternative
  • Silver in Experience Cut > Alternative
  • Silver in Pharma Cut > Integrated
  • Silver in Work for Good Cut > Integrated
  • Silver in Experience Cut > Integrated

“Arogya Bindu” by VMLY&R Mumbai for Maxx Flash

  • Silver in the Health Cut > Product and Packaging Design category

“The Font That Saves Eyes” by VMLY&R Kansas City for Intel

  • Silver in the B2B > Online Video category

“The One to Keep” by VMLY&R Paris and VMLY&R New York, VMLY&R Lisbon for Colgate-Palmolive

  • Silver in the Media Cut > Product and Packaging Design category

“Tiny Products” by VMLY&R Santiago for Budweiser

  • Silver in the Humour Cut > Product and Packaging Design category

“Disaster Relief” by VMLY&R Paris for Hill’s

  • Bronze in the Craft Cut > Photography category

"I See Coke" by VMLY&R Commerce Dubai for The Coca-Cola Company

  • Bronze in the Media Cut > Emerging Commerce category

“Make It Visible” by VMLY&R London for Ford of Britain

  • Bronze in the Health Cut > Alternative category

“McDonald’s Jingle Board” by Scholz & Friends for McDonald’s

  • Bronze in the Communication Cut > Print category

“More Smile Lines” by VMLY&R Paris for Colgate-Palmolive

  • Bronze in the Craft Cut > Photography category

“Proud Legacy” by VMLY&R Bogotá for WaterAid

  • Bronze in the Craft Cut > Art Direction category
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