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Bonjour, Cannes attendees! 
It's time to get excited to travel to the South of France. And for many of us, the question we are asking after two-plus years of wearing our most casual clothes at home is – what should I wear?  
You are about to arrive in one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. The sun will be shining bright, and when you are not participating in programming and awards shows within the Palais des Festivals, you will be walking up and down the Croisette meeting with partners and your teams from VMLY&R (and likely having a chilled glass of rosé). 
Attendees often ask what to pack for a weeklong trip, so we have pulled together a few tips for your packing consideration. As many will tell you, this is a trip in which even the savviest of packers check their bag. 


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Did we mention walking along the Croisette? Make sure your footwear is comfortable because it is easier to walk to your events and meetings than to get taxis between your apartment, hotel or the Palais des Festivals. 
For those who prefer a heel in the evening you might reconsider and bring a chic pair of flats or simple sandals to keep your feet happy. And for the men … there are many sightings of shoes sans socks. 
If you haven’t already done so, it’s time to schedule a pedicure before your journey to France. And may we suggest purchasing Band-Aids for your feet ahead of time (ouch!) can be a lot of walking!  

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Tote bag


If you like to carry notebooks, laptops, chargers and personal items with you at all times during the day, a canvas tote or leather satchel would be a great accessory (don’t forget to pack sunscreen and aspirin, too). In the evening, a small clutch or mini tote bag is all you will need to go from event to event. 
Men, your pockets should satisfy your requirements. 
Most importantly of all, don’t forget your sunglasses!  

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Casual chic clothes


Because you are in the South of France, there is freedom to step up your attire if it is lightweight. No need for business casual because the weather and location are too beautiful to limit yourself. During the day, smart casual attire is what you will see on both women and men. For evenings, women transition into fun, dressier options that include simple dresses accessorized with statement jewelry or scarves. 

Overall, dress for summer weather knowing you will be maneuvering the streets of Cannes throughout the day and evening. We’ll see you on the Croisette soon! Au revoir! 

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