CES 2023

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Overview: Back to the Future

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CES got its groove back, again looking to the future. It was a refreshing rebound from a 2022 show that saw a ton of last-minute cancellations due to a COVID spike; CES 2023 felt more “normal” by CES standards.

One of my favorite parts of CES is walking the show floors and the anticipation of discovering some emerging technology that makes me think “holy %$&!.”

This year was solid, with a lot of “better” and “more,” but less breakthrough. I wonder if broader economic conditions tempered the types of innovation shown, given layoffs from major tech companies and that more challenging times for funding for startups meant fewer breakthrough (perhaps riskier) innovations. That said, the AI/ML is getting sharper, the size (and cost) of tech is dropping, while the power and capabilities are growing at a very rapid rate.  So CES 2023 brought an amazing plethora of new devices, new technologies that can and will change consumer behaviors.There were evolutions of products and ideas, such as folding and expandable screens, new and enhanced electric vehicles, and mobility innovations such as wheelchairs that could sense and climb stairs. More providers across an array of categories are working to make your home safer and smarter and increasing ease of contact capture and creation. Digital health wearables and trackers got smaller and tackled more complex care categories.

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Regardless of your business or category, CES is a great time to take a step back and ask a few important questions: How is your customer behavior evolving? What new technologies can enhance how you engage them or what they experience from you? Are there new or disruptive technologies that enable new engagement models or business models that didn’t exist before?

In the following pages, we’ve outlined top-line summaries from key categories: Commerce, Content, Data & AI, Digital Health, Sustainability, Metaverse, and Connected Home & Security. It was difficult to summarize each of these in a quick recap, so please feel free to reach out if you’d like to discuss and explore additional opportunities in your category or industry, or if you’re interested in a specific emerging technology. Enjoy these CES 2023 recaps and have an amazing and innovative 2023!

— Brian Yamada, Chief Innovation Officer

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    eCommerce Accelerates Beyond the Pandemic

  • Dog with smart collar

    Creative Commerce, Connected

  • Animation on computer screen

    Cutting-Edge Content Capture & Display

  • Computer, gaming console, and smart phone

    Data & AI Invisibly Enable the Amazing

  • Artificial medical device

    High-tech Healthcare Gets Smaller, Better

  • Automatic water machine

    Tech Turns to Reducing Waste

  • People viewing through AR glasses

    Metaverse: Less Buzz, More Enabling Devices

  • Illuminated graphics

    Matter Converging the Connected Home