Core Values


At VMLY&R, we create connected brands.

It’s our positioning as a company, grounded in the belief that it’s our job as marketers — and as human beings — to uncover and create the connections that draw us together. To us, creating connections is about more than just marketing. It’s about elevating how we act and what we do every day through a set of values designed to foster an environment in which connections can emerge and thrive.

Abundantly Generous

Empathy is key to making us who we are. We encourage diversity, put judgment aside and always assume good intent. We freely offer up our ideas, understanding and time as we partner with each other, our clients and our local communities.

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Relentlessly Curious

When we join forces, there's no obstacle that too much for us. Because we believe the best way to solve a challenge — and of all — is by raising a hand to help, leaping into the unknown and being open to a better way.

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Passionately Inventive

The opposite of love is not hate — it’s indifference. And because we are indifferent to nothing, we put everything we are into everything we do. We bring our best selves to every collaboration, share our positive energy with others and do remarkable work.

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Constantly Striving

Our laurels may be extraordinary, but we are not content to rest on them. We aspire to be the best at what we do and to become better every day. A real love of this business means that we are always pushing each other, our clients and our boundaries — all while having fun along the way.

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Collectively Purposeful

Our ability to create experiences and communicate perspectives puts us in a position to make a genuine difference. It’s a responsibility we don’t take lightly. We apply our wisdom and best judgment every day to find ways to make us all stronger.

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