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Our industry is in constant motion of evolution—from pencil to pixel, from tools to technology, and everything in between. But one thing that remains the same is the placement of humanity at the core of every concept. Making impactful work requires people to reimagine and redefine experiences shaped by diverse cultures and voices.

VMLY&R's Multicultural Creative Center of Excellence (MCCCOE) powered by EI&B presents “Create for Change.”

We've invited VMLY&R creative experts, clients, and thought leaders to share on how they are creating impactful, inclusive, and relevant change in their client work. We encourage you to join us in listening to stories that will inspire us, help us think critically about equity and change, and spark ideas across the network on how we can become more empathetic creators. Every month, we will be updating this website with new session recordings, all of which can be found below.


What lessons have we learned from previous generations of digital connection that we can apply to new creative canvases across Web3? If you can create anything — or be anyone — in the metaverse, what must we consider when it comes to inclusion and equity? In this session, we work our way through the metaverse to learn if and how AR, VR, and the NFT economy at large can be more inclusive from the jump.

This session features Glen Scott, executive creative director; Jen DaSilva, executive lead, president; Luke Hurd, experience design director; Sarah Kdosi, art director; and Darrien Case, copywriter. To watch them in conversation, click HERE.

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Of the several valuable takeaways from this discussion, the following points stand out the most to us:

  • Creator tools are leveling opportunities in AR.
  • Women are not just participating in the NFT economy — they are driving a new narrative in the space.
  • Representation matters, even in VR avatar form.
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Cartoon illustration of Glen Scott

Glen Scott currently serves as executive creative director of VMLY&R West. Based in Seattle, WA, Glen leads work across a growing office that services clients up and down the West Coast such as Microsoft, Intel, Meta, Mazda, Lululemon, and Driscoll’s Berries.

Glen and his work have been honored by several institutions and organizations — Cannes, Clios, Communication Arts, and the One Show, just to name a few. Despite his many awards, Glen also measures his accomplishments by ‘firsts,' of which he has many: a branded Snapchat integration considered a keystone moment in the platform’s history; the first VR game to incorporate real throwing mechanics and a volumetric capture of a pro athlete; the first live sports broadcast on Twitter that allowed the audience to participate in real time; a first-of-its-kind Facebook Messenger bot delivering bespoke football drills based on experience and position; and the longest ever branded Live YouTube homepage takeover.

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Cartoon illustration of Jen DaSilva

Jennifer DaSilva is a seasoned integrated marketer with 20 years of experience working on Fortune 500 brands. As president of Berlin Cameron, WPP boutique creative agency, Jennifer has spent the last 15 years managing key accounts such as Coca-Cola, Heineken, Lexus, and Capital One.

A champion of entrepreneurship, Jennifer launched LLShe, a Berlin Cameron division that empowers female entrepreneurs through connections and creativity. Her mission is to foster meaningful connections through authentic and vulnerable communication. Jennifer created the opportunity with Under Armour’s Curry Brand, sparking the "Genesis Curry Flow" NFT campaign, which saw groundbreaking and award-winning success.

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Cartoon illustration of Luke Hurd.

Luke Hurd is an augmented reality (AR) influencer and director of experience design who specializes in all things "metaverse" at VMLY&R.

He is also the official creator and instructor for Meta’s Spark AR Curriculum courses and Certification framework, which entails presenting on AR across Meta's global campuses — including New York, London, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco.

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Cartoon illustration of Sarah Kdosi.

Sarah Kdosi is originally from Madison, WI, where she spent the first half of her life directing a non-profit community center that serves the same low-income housing community in which she herself was raised.

Sarah followed her love of art and storytelling to a second career in advertising, where she solves problems with visual language and pitches the weirdest ideas possible.

When she isn’t in the Creative Cloud, you can find her biking around Washington with a cold brew, watching investigative podcasts, making art, and writing songs.

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Cartoon illustration of Darrien Case.

Darrien Case is a Kansas City, MO native who considers his home one of the most "slept-on" cities in the U.S.

With experiences ranging from performing and publishing poetry to composing music, Darrien brings all facets of creativity to the table as an advertising industry copywriter. To date, his work has been featured in Adweek and Ad Age, and he is a newly minted Cannes Young Lion alum.

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In collaboration with the Research Studio at VMLY&R, we explore the phenomenon of adaptive logos from a consumer and design standpoint to provide you with considerations and alternatives to tangibly demonstrate brand values.

(The Research Studio at VMLY&R is a group of kind-hearted, curious, deep thinkers with a mission to uncover transformative insights at the speed of culture to create a competitive advantage for brands and businesses at VMLY&R.)

This session featured the Research Studio's Maddie Umali, associate director, and Sur Govindarajan, strategist. To watch them in conversation, click HERE.

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Of the several valuable takeaways from this discussion, the following points stand out the most to us:

  • Adapted logos can be considered as quick marketing fixes to cause a perception shift for a brand's relatability to a community or cause.
  • For logo adaptations to resonate with a specific audience, the external expressions through the logo redesign have to be connected to internal truths.
  • Additionally, logo adaptations have to be supplemented with real committed actions; consumers today expect brand activism beyond a mere logo adaptation.
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Headshot of Maddie Umali.

Maddie Umali is an associate director for the Research Studio. With a passion for qualitative research and strategy, Maddie thrives when she is exploring emotional, perspective-shifting stories and insights for her teams and clients.

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Headshot of Sur Govindarajan.

Sur Govindarajan is the Research Studio's strategist from New York, bringing to the conversation her hybrid background in architecture and brand strategy. She is interested in uncovering intersectional research stories that provide direction and provocation. 

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As part of Intel's global rebrand, we discovered several disparate illustration styles being used around the world.

Intel’s ask was for us to create a global brand illustration system is based on the "simple and modern” brand foundation of our newly established Intel brand identity.

The purpose of our brand illustration is to help simplify and humanize the complexity of Intel technology and more effectively show the “invisible technologies” that power our modern world, in a one-of-a-kind “Intel way.”

This geometric, “artistic minimalist” approach to illustration uses The Spark (a chip-shaped square, representing the power of Intel technology within) to build a flexible ecosystem of inclusive characters, devices, and environments. To watch them in conversation, click HERE.

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Of the several valuable takeaways from this discussion, the following points stand out the most to us:

  • Illustration can be used to simplify and humanize Intel's complex technology and effectively show the “invisible technologies” that move our modern world forward.

  • Illustration can be iterative and repeated by a global array of illustrators and designers.

  • Creating an illustration system for a global audience required guidance from our EI&B team. It's important to represent a diverse and inclusive character set for Intel illustrations. The system uses our full spectrum of brand colors to replace skin tones, reflecting our global perspective.

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Headshot of Ellie Kort.

Ellie Kort is an associate director of strategy and insights on VMLY&R's Intel team. After 15+ years as a designer and typography designer, she pivoted her to strategy during the pandemic. She has a profound curiosity for consumer insights, design research, and design-led strategy.

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Headshot of Dave Swearingen.

Dave Swearingen serves as a group design director for the VMLY&R's Brand ID & Design Studio. He has led teams to create thoughtful and innovative brand design systems, packaging, and retail and environmental design for over 28 years. He’s provided creative leadership to clients such as Intel, Electrolux, Frigidaire, Sam’s Club, Tennessee Tourism, United Rentals, Coca-Cola, Sherwin-Williams, Red Bull, and the Veterans Community Project.

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