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The Inclusion Experience practice at VMLY&R is a strategic consultancy and executing partner that works with clients to bring about sustainable cultural change within their organizations. Inclusion Experience is a critical step towards creating connected brands and companies that are culturally sensitive, diverse, equitable and inclusive.

Inclusion Experience focuses on proactive collaboration with client partners to generate amplified cultural awareness and racial equity. These changes are designed to create increased engagement with consumers, drive business growth, and ultimately generate positive impact across industries and communities. 

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  • Critical conversations and experience sharing
  • Goal articulation and landscape analysis
  • Roadmap definition and workshop planning
  • Organizational design and process enhancement
  • Rollout, activation, and change management
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  • Talent recruitment and development partnerships
  • Best practices of Employee Resource Group (ERG) set-ups, stabilization, and programs to foster belonging and a safe space
  • Employee experience design enhancement and activation
  • DEI training and curriculum design support
  • Employee/partner events planning, coordination and execution
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  • Intro with key segment quick fire
  • Market relevant culture definitions and foundations
  • Diverse research offering
  • Enhanced brief-building
  • Customer analysis reports
  • Brand/product development workshops
  • Creative content evaluation, consultation, and production
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What is Inclusion Experience?

Inclusion Experience is a strategic consulting & implementation practice. Inclusion Experience partners with clients to bring about sustainable cultural change both internally within their organizations and beyond externally to the customers and communities they serve.

Is Inclusion Experience a practice, a capability or an offering?

IX is a VMLY&R practice comprised of 3 core capabilities: DEI, Transformation and Culture Studio.

Each of these areas has unique offerings and outputs.

Transformation specializes in the organizational design and strategic road mapping for enterprise-wide cultural change internally and externally.

DEI brings best practice and implementation support to employee belonging via ERG creation and stabilization, talent recruitment, employee experience design and event planning.

Culture Studio future proofs brands by bringing multi-cultural insights into creative content evaluation and product design before the brief and throughout the process.

Why is Inclusion Experience important?

Cultural movements affect companies, their people, and their products. 68% of consumers expect brands to be clear about their values[i]. This, coupled with the emerging demographic trends and increased purchasing power of these groups, makes the concept of Inclusion Experience more vital now than ever.

[i] Kantar Monitor

What’s the landscape for Inclusion Experience? Do other agencies or consultancies offer this and how do we compare?

Multiple consultancies have entered the space to guide companies on ways to address their diversity, equity and inclusion challenges. While these companies charge top dollar for keen insights and deliver large prescriptive presentations, VMLY&R is uniquely poised to help companies realize their DEI ambitions by employing techniques that we’ve developed over the years and are refining daily.

We apply our unique Human Centered Design methodology to solve challenges at the intersection of business and culture; equity and technology; inclusion and belonging and more.

How is IX staffed? What capabilities does it include?

As a practice, Inclusion Experience is staffed by talented individuals from every department, discipline and geography that VMLY&R has to draw from. The practice thrives thanks to individuals that bring strategic, technical and client-facing acumen to solve one of our most complex business challenges: systemic racism and structural disadvantage.

As a practice, Inclusion Experience is staffed by talented individuals from every department, discipline and geography that VMLY&R has to draw from. The practice thrives thanks to individuals that bring strategic, technical and client-facing acumen to sol

Prior to the formal launch of Inclusion Experience, VMLY&R had already been working with client partners to make lasting, sustainable change both internally and externally. From working with partners like Google, Ford and New Balance on racial equity and talent diversification to more recent work with Wendy’s, BASF, Lee Jeans and ConAgra to address the cultural resonance of their communications, we have demonstrated a strong commitment to amplifying the importance of diversity, equity and inclusion across all facets of our business.

Is Inclusion Experience separate and distinct from Customer Experience, Experience Design and Brand Experience?

Generally, when we talk about customer experience, the “customer” is not an inclusive representation of the marketplaces in which our brands resides or in the society in which we live. Typically, we ask “how can our creative be more inclusive?” Inclusion experience will ask “how can our overall strategy be more inclusive in consideration of impacted key segments?” Inclusion as a business imperative effects all other processes down funnel. If we get it right at the top, we’re better off in the end.


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