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With 190 offices in 93 countries, you can find us in every corner of the world. Across all continents with many languages and diverse cultures, VMLY&R is united by the power of human connection. As a global brand experience agency, we harness creativity, technology, and culture to create connected brands that impact the world.

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  • Dubai Fonts Image

    Dubai Font

    Can a typeface carry the vision of a city? The Dubai Font was designed as a gift from Dubai to the world. But it’s more than just a font.
  • Betty Crocker - Iftar of Lights

    One Book for Peace

    There is so much more that unites us than sets us apart. One Book for Peace has the teachings of both the Bible and the Quran in it, where verses from each were printed next to each other to illustrate how similar their teachings are. It focuses on topics such as One God, Peace, Justice, Love, and Hope. Each chapter consists of ten verses clearly explaining to the reader that these teachings may have been written differently but in truth have one voice. The book was launched on a prime time show on Al Jazeera along with a global launch on Twitter. Each page was tweeted in real time in response
  • Betty Crocker - Iftar of Lights

    Iftar of Lights

    Bringing back the magic of family time to Iftar. Iftar is the meal with which Muslims end their daily Ramadan fast. Often shared by the family, it is a meal which brings together family and friends. It is a time for bonding and togetherness. But not every Iftar meal has everyone at the table. The tradition of family breaking the fast together at Iftar was losing its importance. Screen time had begun to take priority over family time. Betty Crocker wanted to preserve this tradition and make family members refresh their connection by spending quality time together. We worked with Betty Crocker
  • Building a future inspired by the land

    Building a future inspired by the land

    Ras Al Khaimah is an Emirate in the UAE that has a rich heritage, a beautiful natural landscape and unlimited potential. Our client, Marjan, the Master Developer of Ras Al Khaimah, wanted us to create a story that would attract high net worth investors yet never stray from the natural beauty of the land. What makes Marjan unique is that every project developed is made in consideration of the environment. It is fundamental to the brand. So, we gave Ras Al Khaimah a voice. One that spoke to us and told us of soaring mountains and breathtaking corals, pristine beaches and enchanting mangroves. A
  • Projections of Hope - HNHCR

    Projections of Hope

    Global conflicts are tearing apart countries and destroying millions of lives. Amongst those suffering are thousands of Syrian and Rohingya families, torn apart by war and driven away from the safety of their homes. During Ramadan, a time for giving and togetherness, our message to the world was simple- ‘We are all human. We can understand each other’s pain. So, let’s stand together #HandInHand and leave no refugee behind’. We launched a global digital campaign for UNHCR spearheaded by a film, ‘Projections of Hope’. Released through social channels, it told two compelling. In the foreground
  • NV Move App

    From low brand recall to setting world records

    Nature Valley a globally successful brand, was struggling to make a real connection with its consumers in the GCC. We took on the challenge to build a brand that was more than just a collection of healthier products, and instead positioned Nature Valley as a powerful catalyst for healthier living inspired by nature. In a world where making more wholistic life choices, eating healthy and living life to the fullest is a common mantra, we needed a way to stand out. Our solution? The NV Move app. Developed to encourage people to be more active, live a healthier life and enjoy nature more. The app
  • Mall of Emirates - Share The Look

    A mall where shopping is just the beginning

    Can a mall deliver a decade of goosebumps? Or make happy holidays happier? Can it leave you lost for words? Or make the world seem a wee bit smaller? Can a mall pull the plug on mundane? Or resonate throughout the land? We think it can. And for over 5 years we have delighted shoppers around the world with unforgettable experiences and memories. From creating a unique tone of voice that inspires other brands, to crafting an unmistakable visual aesthetic that brings alive the unmatched curated experiences found only at Mall of the Emirates; we have done it all.