The Kitchen is for Everyone


A new generation of women is making change in the Arab world. But despite these changes, they're still stuck with the stereotype, "Women belong in the kitchen."

For almost 100 years, Betty Crocker has proudly supported women. Or so we thought, until an 8-year-old boy named Sultan, took to Twitter and challenged us with a question, “Why are the baking instructions on Betty Crocker’s packs only addressed to women?”

We needed to answer this young boy, and once again show the world that Betty Crocker supported not only women, but chefs of any age and gender.

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We looked at over 100 of our products and realized Sultan was right. Arabic cooking instructions were addressed only to women. Working with an Arabic linguist, we found that gender neutral terms do exist in the Arabic language, but cooking instructions follow the regional stereotype and only speak to women.

Through our packaging, we had a way to reach millions of home chefs and let them know the kitchen is for everyone. We created a new set of gender-neutral Arabic cooking instructions that addressed all cooks, regardless of gender. Over 20 million pieces of packaging now have the new instructions on them and are in markets spreading a message of equality in the kitchen.

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We created a movement, sparking real conversation about the role of men and women across the region.

  • Total print circulation of 231,300
  • Total reach of 34,239,976
  • Total advertising value: $128,345
  • Total PR value: $449,208

Betty Crocker made the KANTAR ‘Saudi Top 10 Ranking in Food’, and won over the hearts of shoppers within the FMCG industry. The merit in this achievement is calculated by a ranking of Consumer Reach Points – the decision point at every FMCG purchase that observes a shopper choosing one brand over another. This measures a brand’s strength in terms of consumer preference and identifies its opportunity, growth and penetration in its markets.

The campaign aligned Betty Crocker to its commitment to women, while proudly acknowledging their social strides in the region.

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