From low brand recall to setting world records

Nature Valley a globally successful brand, was struggling to make a real connection with its consumers in the GCC. We took on the challenge to build a brand that was more than just a collection of healthier products, and instead positioned Nature Valley as a powerful catalyst for healthier living inspired by nature.

In a world where making more wholistic life choices, eating healthy and living life to the fullest is a common mantra, we needed a way to stand out. Our solution? The NV Move app. Developed to encourage people to be more active, live a healthier life and enjoy nature more. The app rewarded users with redeemable points and trophies every time they reached one of their health goals. NVMOVE was the first health app in the Middle East to reward active users with real world benefits. To launch the app, we collaborated with Dubai Health Authority to break the Guinness World Record for the most people in a bicycle relay. NVMOVE was key to the activation allowing users to track every step until a new record was set by them.

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  • NV Move - From low brand recall to setting world records