One Book for Peace

There is so much more that unites us than sets us apart.

One Book for Peace has the teachings of both the Bible and the Quran in it, where verses from each were printed next to each other to illustrate how similar their teachings are. It focuses on topics such as One God, Peace, Justice, Love, and Hope. Each chapter consists of ten verses clearly explaining to the reader that these teachings may have been written differently but in truth have one voice.

The book was launched on a prime time show on Al Jazeera along with a global launch on Twitter. Each page was tweeted in real time in response to various trending topics and humanitarian crises with a powerful message of unity and solidarity.

A message of ‘One God’ to the family who left Islam.

‘Sanctity of life’ to the heart-breaking news of the Egypt Church blast.

‘Peace’ to Malala.

And ‘Hope’ to the prevailing refugee crisis.

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