Projections of Hope

Global conflicts are tearing apart countries and destroying millions of lives. Amongst those suffering are thousands of Syrian and Rohingya families, torn apart by war and driven away from the safety of their homes. During Ramadan, a time for giving and togetherness, our message to the world was simple- ‘We are all human. We can understand each other’s pain. So, let’s stand together #HandInHand and leave no refugee behind’.

We launched a global digital campaign for UNHCR spearheaded by a film, ‘Projections of Hope’. Released through social channels, it told two compelling. In the foreground the film captures the reality of every refugee, while the background projections change every scene, conveying how all refugees can be given hope when the world stands together. The campaign drive was to get as much support for Rohingya and Syrian Refugees, specifically highlighting four key stories-the flood crisis facing Rohingya refugees, critical aid and support for Rohingya orphans, support for single Syrian refugee mothers and providing support to Syrians who were celebrating their 7th Ramadan as a refugee.

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