Berndorf Bäderbau


At first glance, pools are similar water surfaces. But hidden underneath, they are high-tech systems with enormous differences. Berndorf Bäderbau produce exclusive stainless steel swimming pools that set international standards. It was the goal to reposition the brand considering the different target groups of Berndorf Bäderbau from decision-makers in municipalities to hotel owners.


Berndorf Bäderbau combine a strong contradiction: technological leadership, design that transcends trends and high-quality stainless steel. These factors ensure that a decision for of a swimming pool by Berndorf Bäderbau is a decision that will last for generations. At the same time, swimming pools live from the sensual enjoyment of perfect moments. The brand tension was condensed in the new claim: “timeless now”


The brand Berndorf Bäderbau was refreshed in terms of both content and form. A new appearance was created around a brand with a clear story, which will be implemented over the following months. The core message is that Berndorf Bäderbau ennoble people’s lives: in moments that will last for eternity.

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