The IAA Austria campaign is about the strength of advertising in times of a crisis

IAA Austria 2

Due to corona crisis, many companies were forced to save money. Very often, they did so by cutting their marketing budget. To prevent companies from this fatal error, VMLY&R created a campaign, with provocative and informative texts for IAA Austria.

Its content: studies that not only show the massive negative effect, if you do not spend your money on advertising in a crisis, they also show that advertising has great impact, especially during those times:

  • If a brand disappears during a crisis, people forget about the brand’s existence. A six months‘ break of advertising in TV leads to a 39% reduction of awareness.
  • Brands that stop advertising during uncertain times, needed approximately five years to gain the same market share and profitability from before.
  • In a crisis, the probability to buy a different brand is three times higher than usual. Under normal circumstances, only 8% prefer to buy a new brand, compared to 21% in uncertain times.
  • Brands that spend more marketing budget in 2003 and 2009, had a bigger market share afterwards.
  • Consumers prefer brands that they can rely on and not leave them alone during a crisis. Loyalty leads to loyalty. In times of economic downturn, brands do not only have to face a perhaps loss, but also a rise of market share.

The great success of the IAA campaign proofed that the statements above are true.

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