„Richer than rich“: a claim that lottery brand „EuroMillionen“ has been using for decades to challenge and outshine conventional wealth.
In its most recent promotional „EuroMillionen” film, the brand was to be refreshingly contrasted with an antiquated concept of luxury once more, creating a timely version of a „richer than rich“ basic idea.


In our 30-second film, we document the humorous encounter between representants of a somewhat fossil upper crust – thoroughly tanned, hung with gold, driven in flashy cars – and those representing a more modern notion of wealth, who – themselves high-flyers with contemporary stances – arrive in a prototype private jet free of emissions. 
Another deciding factor is a certain up-to-date attitude that has been emphasized by “EuroMillionen” in recent years: the wealth of our young “richer than rich” protagonists appears to be shared – and seems all the bigger for it.


With our promotional film, the brand „EuroMillionen“ stays true to its own success story – and simultaneously manages to take on a fittingly modern self-image with confidence and originality.
The spot has been creating attention since late 2021, being implemented via television, social media, and numerous cinemas.

Production: Filmhaus Wien
Director: Claas Ortmann

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