• EuroMillions


When it looks like you don’t have anything to worry about, because you’ve got it all. It’s then, when you start to make up your problems. Because one thing is certain: there is always someone that has more (money) than you. A feeling every human gets to know in his lifetime.


Given this observation, we took the life of the super-rich beyond imaginable. On the one hand, with a film that concentrated on the philistine moment of a wealthy family getting portrayed by a painter. In our case: A beautiful moment short-lived, when you have EuroMillionaires living next door – well not quite next door, to be honest. And on the other hand, we depicted the life of the super-rich in humorous fashion with typographic out-of-home posters.


The film was displayed on national television as well as online, while the posters were all over the city for a couple of weeks. To our delight, the player rate increased by 7% within less than 4 months.

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