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Without gimmicks


Make spritzers the number 1 summer drink for Austrians using modern communication. The spritzer, a classic beverage, has faded into the background due to the popularity of trendy alternatives. A new online and offline campaign was needed to counteract this development.


A campaign to promote spritzers without the frills – but plenty of stand-out appeal.

The campaign reinterprets the ÖWM (Austrian Wine Marketing) brand idea “Great art. Without airs and graces.”. Of course, this description fits spritzers to a tee. Real enjoyment “with no vegetables”, “with no flowers” and also “without a straw”. Just water and quality wine from Austria.

Michael Häupl, whose legendary sentence Serve the spritzer! has become a well-known phrase, acted as a testimonial. His straightforward approach and clear messages make him the perfect testimonial for spritzers and this campaign. And this has helped the brand to produce shareable content, in addition to a flashy poster campaign that shows how you only need quality wine and water from Austria to enjoy our classic long drink.


A successful campaign for spritzers with a total reach of 22.6 million impressions online and offline and a 3000% increase in Facebook likes has returned spritzers to their former glory: As Austria’s original number 1 long drink.

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