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Is less more? Most definitely, when it comes to food additives!


With natural ingredients becoming a unique selling in the tomato ketchup industry and consumers showing a tendency towards products without additives, Heinz Tomato Ketchup faced a massive problem. Despite producing their original Heinz Tomato Ketchup without “E” additives, they were perceived as a “non-naturally producing brand”.


Everybody knows the saying “less is more”. And everybody knows that it’s not universal truth. Except for when it just is. So, we removed every letter “E” on the iconic Heinz Ketchup label and caught the eye of the customers when and where it mattered most – just before opening the pack. Besides classic print and out-of-home advertising, we sent out exclusively designed mailings to well-connected food-bloggers.


The campaign received massive interest on social media as well as within the food-blogger scene – increasing sales in the German-speaking countries instantly. On top of that the campaign won numerous prestigious awards.

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