MX-30 Launch / Life specs

MX-30 Launch / Life specs
MAZDA MX-30 OOH Charging Night


Mazda’s first fully electric model on the market, the MX-30 is designed for everyday life, serving all the needs of active people and families in urban surroundings.
This should be presented in an integrated digital first launch campaign.


The campaign „Life Specs“ tells great stories about the all-new Mazda MX-30 with its tailormade features designed for what really matters: your life.The technical specifications were translated into tangible statements that are easily understandable. The range is not specified in kilometers, but through what it means for everyday life.The loading time is not defined by minutes, but in training units. The battery capacity is sufficient to experience exciting days and the freestyle doors are made for a quick departure early in the morning. All this conveys the product features on an emotional level.


An European tool kit campaign for more than 20 countries and languages in the areas of digital media, social media, TV, cinema, out of home, POS, print and PR.
Furthermore, landing pages, CRM elements, retail marketing and sales assets were supplied with it.

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