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How to keep teens from watching porn


The problem is that teenagers are consuming way too much online porn, which results in a misguided attitude towards sex, men and women. Due to the fact that teens are not able to reflect on the artificial nature of the porn industry, teens tend to take porn films as tutorials.


To reach them we went to exactly these media platforms – i.e. pornsites. We addressed them, where it mattered most and created talkability with content that matched the medium. We did so by producing videos depicting actors, that could be the parents of the teens watching, and uploading these using fake titles on all major porn-platforms. On top of that we shared the videos on social media to create even more buzz around the topic.


The videos generated more views than any other Austrian video on YouPorn – even gathering positive reviews (!) and quickly swapped over to Facebook and Instagram. The website traffic for our sincere information rose by 250% in the first four weeks.

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