Rat auf Draht

I won't take it!


Rat auf Draht is an important help line for adolescents suffering from sexual harassment, cyber grooming, or the illegal sharing of nude photographs. To assist even more adolescents through well-funded advice and to create a deeper sensibility for these topics in society overall, a digital campaign for the channels specific to our target audience is to be created.


The campaign „I won’t take it!” lends a voice to adolescents who are impacted by sexual harassment, cyber grooming, and the illegal sharing of nude photographs, suffering all the more because these hardships have become part of their everyday life. Now, we let them speak up, making a declaration that cannot be overheard: I won’t take it! Whether in the bedroom, in a changing cabin, on the basketball court or at school, whether online or offline – together, we stand against the transgressions that constantly leave their marks on adolescent lives. „I won’t take it!“ does its part in spreading an essential message: nobody has to suffer alone. With Rat auf Draht, someone is always there to listen and to help.


A campaign that reaches a significant number of adolescents via social media, television, and cinema screens, showing them that they are indeed not alone. Rat auf Draht is there as a strong, reliable partner providing counselling and support.

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