A connected team with one dream

Some of us follow the All Blacks, others the Wallabies, and we even have a Collingwood fan (it takes all kinds). But no matter the country, club or code, we all play on the one team when it comes to Creating Connected Brands.

We want to partner exceptional clients and do extraordinary work. We came to VMLY&R to leave our mark on the world, and we stay because we’ve found a place where we don’t have to do it alone. #wearevmlyr.

Regional Leadership
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  • Headshot 360x280_Bird

    Jon Bird

    Business Title
    Executive Director
  • Thomas Tearle Headshot

    Tom Tearle

    Business Title
    Chief Executive Officer, Australia & New Zealand
  • Johan Borg Headshot

    Johan Borg

    Business Title
    Chief Growth Officer
  • Headshot 360x280_Ali

    Ali Tilling

    Business Title
    Chief Strategy Officer, Australia & New Zealand
  • Paul Nagy

    Paul Nagy

    Business Title
    Chief Creative Officer, Australia & New Zealand
  • Miles Cox Headshot Head of Experience

    Miles Cox

    Business Title
    Chief Experience Officer, Australia & New Zealand
  • 360x280_Nat.png

    Natalie Frischknecht

    Business Title
    Business Operations Director, Australia & New Zealand
Brisbane Leadership
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  • Headshot 360x280_Adam

    Adam Kennedy

    Business Title
    Managing Director, Brisbane
  • VMLY&R_AUNZ_Headshot_Fiona Caird_Brisbane

    Fiona Caird

    Business Title
    General Manager, Brisbane
  • VMLY&R_AUNZ_Headshot_Ben Davis_Brisbane

    Ben Davis

    Business Title
    Executive Creative Director, Brisbane
  • VMLY&R_AUNZ_Headshot_Andrew Kolb_Brisbane

    Andrew Kolb

    Business Title
    Head of Strategy, Brisbane
  • Steve Mair Headshot

    Steve Mair

    Business Title
    Head of Experience, Brisbane
  • Mignon VanWeeren Headshot

van Weeren

    Business Title
    Head of Broadcast and Content, Brisbane
  • Janelle Shinners Headshot

    Janelle Shinners

    Business Title
    Head of Client Engagement, Brisbane
  • VMLY&R_AUNZ_Headshot_Neil Atkin_Brisbane

    Neil Atkin

    Business Title
    Digital Director, Brisbane
Melbourne & Sydney Leadership
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  • Sarah Bailey

    Sarah Bailey

    Business Title
    Managing Director, Melbourne & Sydney
  • Jake Barrow Headshot

    Jake Barrow

    Business Title
    Executive Creative Director, Melbourne & Sydney
  • Kath Chen_Headshot_AUNZ

    Kath Chen

    Business Title
    Head of Client Service, Sydney
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