The egg industry is one of the most misleading food industries in the world. On the supermarket shelf, you’ll see Free Range, Open Range, Cage Free, Nest Laid, Bard Laid, and Free Run eggs – the list goes on and on. Despite all these wholesome sounding names, a ‘Free Range’ egg farm can still have up to 10,000 chickens per hectare. At Honest Eggs Co., our regenerative farms only have 30 chickens per hectare. This makes our chickens more free and healthy than any other. That’s why it was up to us to change the industry.

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Introducing FitChix. Using hen-friendly materials we developed the world’s first step counter for a chicken. This device is used to count the steps of our chickens as they roam freely around our farms. Their average daily step count is then printed onto our eggs. So now when people go to the supermarket, they can make a conscious decision about buying eggs from truly free chickens.

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Results (so far)
  • 493% increase in online conversations
  • 40% increase in orders
  • 222% increase in stockist inquiries
  • 45,000+ happy chickens
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