Future without Change

Monash's Most Successful Recruitment Event Ever


VMLY&R have been the agency of record for Australia’s largest university, Monash, for the last five years. During this time we have delivered 8 major projects combining digital platforms, content, brand positioning and marketing.

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Over a five year period we have helped Monash stand out in a competitive and homogenous category by challenging people’s perceptions of what a university  and higher education can be about.

We created a digital platform where students can create a personalised documentary based on the topics that interest them, featuring cross-faculty thought leaders and their cutting edge work.

We’ve partnered with Monash experts to create what Fast Company described as a ‘world changing idea’ in the form of Sip Safe - a cost effective wristband that indicates if your drink has been spiked.

We’ve challenged potential students to see what they don’t like in the world, and use their education to change it in our ‘If you don’t like it, Change it’ campaign.

In ‘A Future without Change’ we attracted students through a digital and physical experience that shows a dystopian view of the inventions that will need to exist if we don’t create the necessary change.

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Over our five year tenure Monash has shifted from No.4 to No.1 preference University choice in the country, and won nearly 100 industry awards for their creative work.

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