Good for Life

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Goodlife Health Clubs is one of Australia’s fastest growing and most esteemed gym networks, with 90 full-service health clubs across the country, supporting more than 270,000 members. However, even with a strong membership base, they continue to struggle with the constant cycle of recruiting new members and existing ones dropping off.

For non-members, Goodlife is seen as ‘just another gym’ - no different to Fitness First or Anytime Fitness - so the only factors in deciding which gym to sign up to tend to come down to location and price. They needed to create a really compelling brand connection with potential customers to give them a leg up on the competition.

Goodlife offers all the important things - 24/7 access, child-minding facilities, state-of-the-art equipment and a range of affordable and flexible membership options, as well as an incredible range of group fitness classes. What set them apart though, was their goal to help everyone live healthier, happier lives, whether you’re a body builder, a mum needing an escape, or a retiree that just wants to move a little. Their gyms are a place where everyone can feel comfortable, secure and judgement free, wherever they are in their fitness journey.

In a category that is a sea of sameness - ripped abs, toned thighs and gorgeous bikini models and body builders - Goodlife needed something different to get them noticed, remembered and build a connection.

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So they did something brand new for the category - they took a gym ad OUT of the gym (gasp)! With a fresh tagline, Good For Life (how fitting), Goodlife launched a new brand campaign that took the audience outside of just the traditional gym setting and instead showed the real life moments like bike riding with your kids, running for the bus and spending time with friends where your health and fitness really does matter. The ad demonstrates that Goodlife truly is good for life, both in the sense that it keeps you healthy so you can live your best life, and in terms of the flexility and convenience we all need.

The campaign launched with an inspiring yet authentic 30s video, but the true hero was the OOH concept which used a beautifully crafted split screen effect - showing the parallels between the things we do in our daily lives and the moves at the gym that help us live our life with ease.

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The campaign launched in January, during the peak New Year’s Resolution season. Results are still outstanding, however a second burst and extension of the campaign is expected to run later in the year.

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