The Half Biscuit

We reimagined a popular biscuit in Australia and New Zealand to bring people closer together and raise awareness and donations for Legacy Australia and New Zealand’s RSA — both which provide assistance and support to families of returned and deceased service personnel.


April 25 is Anzac day, a day of remembrance for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. The day is commemorated by both nations due to their history serving in conflicts all over the world together. However, in recent years we’ve commemorated the day in isolation of one another.

We wanted to reignite the true meaning of the Anzac spirit and enable Australians and New Zealanders to share the day together. We needed to engage not one country, but two.

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We used creativity and compassion to reimagine an iconic symbol — the Anzac biscuit — which has been shared between Australian and New Zealand soldiers in war zones for over 100 years.

To remind Australians and New Zealanders that Anzac Day should be shared together, we split the Anzac biscuit in two and created The Half Biscuit. One half went to Australia, the other to New Zealand. So, no matter where you are on Anzac Day, you can commemorate fallen men and women from both Australia and New Zealand. Enjoy a Half Biscuit, and someone from the other country will be enjoying the other half with you.

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The Half Biscuit made people rethink the true meaning of what Anzac represents. In a survey of people who received one, 85% now had a greater understanding of the bond between Australia and New Zealand. Legacy Australia and RSA New Zealand had their highest number of social media traffic ever, with 100% positive feedback. 60% of social interactions were from people sharing with someone from the other country, and donations to both Legacy and RSA NZ increased by 85%.

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  • Bronze at the Caples Awards
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