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Monopoly is one of McDonald’s Australia’s biggest yearly promotions and a popular hit among Macca’s fans.

Tokens can be collected and scanned all in exchange for money-saving deals on menu items and great value prizes. The Monopoly app plays a vital part, allowing customers to earn those precious tokens all in the palm of their hand.

The interactive world that we created for the app was entering into its second year of existence. But dwell time was low and first-year findings showed that people were entering into the app, earning a token and then leaving again without giving themselves the chance to unlock the game’s Chest and win even more prizes. So, we were challenged with keeping fans interacting with the world for longer - all while ensuring downloads went up, more prizes were won, and tickets were redeemed.

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This year’s launch saw us giving the Monopoly app a refresh. We created six new, enjoyable games to play that provided users with a sense of achievement while earning those all-important tokens, created two secret games to test their gaming prowess, and placed little hidden Easter eggs within the world for users to find.

Downloads went up 33%, there were 3.4 million active users throughout the campaign, the Chest was unlocked 7 million times, 55 million tickets were scanned and over 4 million prizes were redeemed – all within the Monopoly app.

And dwell time? Just over seven minutes per visit.

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