You Rule

Launching a New Brand Platform Where the Customer Rules

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Everyone wants to feel like the hero in their own life, in ways both small and big.

But most Telcos act like they’re the hero, and overplay their bit-part in your life. It’s their rules, their data and their way.

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VMLY&R identified that the telecommunications market actually needed a brand that was a little less ‘Tell-co’ (dictating services and rules) and a bit more ‘Hear-co’ (listening to what the customer actually wants). We clearly saw the opportunity for Vodafone to fill that void - to be the “roadie to the customer’s rockstar”, as the strategy put it.

We created a new positioning around the promise that with Vodafone on your side, ’You Rule’. The platform puts customers at the centre, in control of their plans and services. The creative idea imagined customers as “rulers” - characters like the “Stream Queen” who needed unlimited data to enjoy her favourite shows. With this approach we flipped the category on its head. We brought the campaign alive across all major consumer touch points by:

  • Repositioning everything from tone of voice to toolkits – consistency across the entire customer journey is key
  • Developing a modular creative system – we created simple and flexible ways to craft and execute the campaign in tandem with all Vodafone partners. With 6 characters, 10 scenes, 65 shots and 10 devices, we created a system that provides infinite combinations and 24 months’ worth of content
  • Extending the campaign into culture capital – Activating the campaign in Cricket Australia with a consumer promotion

..all in 4 months during the pandemic.

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'You Rule' yielded Vodafone their highest ever brand consideration score

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