Your Shoes Have Their Name on Them

Lightly used sneakers for a good cause

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  • Lazy Sneakers


In Aotearoa New Zealand, thousands of young people have incredible potential in sports, dance and life – except they can’t participate because they don’t have shoes.

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Lazy Sneakers was founded to gather quality unused or “lazy” sneakers, and distribute them free to children, student athletes, families and social services around New Zealand, so kids can play, participate and reach their potential.

With limited budget to attract more donations of quality sneakers,, cut through mattered. So we took to the streets with a series of posters that co-opted the logos of the world’s top brand sneakers and matched them to worthy recipients.

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As well as immediately driving hundreds of new sneaker donors to and being shared via social, the posts became instant collector’s items, with many stolen as fast as they could be printed and posted.

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