“City of God” is considered the biggest success in Brazilian cinema, the film has won numerous awards, including four Oscar®️ nominations, and is featured in Time Magazine, The Guardian, and Rolling Stones’ lists of best movies in history. Recently, the film was recognized as the second most-watched foreign film in the world, by a study conducted by the online platform Preply.

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Telefónica Vivo and Motorola teamed up, to release the short film "Buscapé - Back to the City of God" conceptualized by VMLY&R. It is the first and only sequel to the award-winning film "City of God," featuring the same production company, scriptwriter, editor, art director, composer, director, and most of the original cast.

The film’s renowned director, Fernando Meirelles, served as an executive producer for the sequel. The short film reintroduces the character of Buscapé, who, in the original film, was a young boy with a passion for photography.

This time, Buscapé returns as a photojournalist, equipped with Motorola's smartphone camera and Telefónica Vivo's 5G, to uncover a gang trafficking animals in the City of God. The film demonstrates how Buscapé uses his photographic talent to expose the violent reality of the community and expose an environmental crime. Through Buscapé’s lens, viewers embark on a journey through the community and discover new characters and their stories.

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Released in cinemas, streaming platforms, YouTube, and TV, the 14-minute short film was an immediate success, garnering over 1 million hours viewed watched and 310 million impressions, in addition to widespread media coverage. The success with the public was so great that the short film already has a confirmed continuation, a series of short stories produced and screened by HBO Max.

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