I Am Working

A Starbucks store transformed into a transgender-only employment agency.

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The job market for trans people in Brazil is cruel. 90% of this population falls to prostitution as a source of income and survival. Formal jobs are rare, and they don't last long when they do come. With all doors closed, the effects are devastating and inevitable. Many resort to crime, and 56% live in a situation of hunger.

After collecting names of trans people through the Starbucks "I Am" project for the past two years, the idea was to take the work to the next level. We put those names where they were needed most: employment contracts.

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In partnership with Manpower Group, the largest selection and recruitment company in Brazil, Nube, and many other multinational companies, Starbucks transformed one of its stores into an exclusive employment agency for the transgender community.

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Hundreds of interviews were conducted and a record number of people from the community gained new employment.

93% of people were approved in the selection process and hired by companies like Ford, Colgate, United, Dell technologies, and LinkedIn.

The project resulted in access to more than 12,000 companies with available jobs.



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