Los Santos +3º

Tackling the climate crisis in the gaming universe

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To engage young people to fight climate change, Greenpeace needs to make them realize the real consequences of it. But how? The answer was in a very unexpected place: GTA online.

Los Santos, the land of the well-known game, is an immersive replica of Los Angeles. It's a perfect real-life simulator made with thousands of hours of actual city footage. And guess what? It has online servers with open source code.

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In partnership with their own scientific team, Greenpeace used real future predictions to develop Los Santos +3°C.

We created an entire metaverse half underwater, afflicted by heat, drought, air pollution and a full-blown economic crisis, with climate refugees and many other real challenges.

To launch the immersive experience, 50 top Brazilian streamers played it live for an entire week. Soon, millions of followers did the same. This interplay of entertainment and information inspired action in millions of GenZ, achieving an unprecedented engagement against climate change.

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  • More than 340% increase in petition signatures
  • 40% increase in donations
  • 30M in earned media coverage
  • 8 million-plus minutes of climate change content watched by GenZ
  • More than 450 hours of live streaming in the first week
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