Sorriso Sponsors Sorriso


During a World Cup year, all brands want to be involved in Football. It’s a game where whoever spends more, gets more visibility. But how do you draw attention in one of the most disputed environments of Brazilian advertising with a much smaller budget than other brands without ever having invested in football before?

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Sorriso, a Colgate-Palmolive brand, invented a new type of sponsorship by sponsoring a single player’s jersey in a space where no toher has been: exactly where the athlete’s name goes. Yes, that’s right. We sponsored the name of Sorriso, striker for Red Bull Bragantino, putting our brand in place of his name. The ensuing PR wave made the idea gain widespread attention that we even discovered another player named Sorriso in the female division and sponsored her too just in time for the finals of the Brazilian Women’s Championship.

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  • +90 million in reach
  • +9MM in earned media
  • The highest brand lift in Colgate history
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