The Virtual Nodule


During the pandemic, many women stopped scheduling preventive exams, and doctors feared a soaring escalation of breast cancer cases around the country. With a majority of its clients being women, Amaro, LATAM's biggest retail tech provider, wanted to do something to help.

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Using Instagram's new ecommerce tool, we created tags and placed them over the breasts of our models in our marketplace — with messages about breast cancer. Users could click on the tag and schedule an appointment without leaving social media — a quick and effective call to action.

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  • 99.9% positive sentiment on social media
  • 25% of women clicked on the link to book exams (at the exact moment while reading the article)
  • Three minutes and 42 seconds was the average time on the digital activation
  • Headlines in many newspapers
  • The brand's number one post of all time
  • Zero dollars spent on media
  • Based awareness and, most importantly, it raised the number of screening appointments


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