In her years of advertising expertise, Amy has been focusing on agency operation,  marketing, product development, brand building & management, online/ offline integrated communication. She is devoted in digging the in-depth consumer insight to empower brand communication.

Amy had been working with brands of various fields, such as FMCG (dairy, beverage, biscuit, snack, cake, instant noodles), Health & Pharmaceutical, Automobile, Cosmetic, Banking & Insurance, E-commerce etc. She is experienced in IP marketing and had helped clients to amplified communication buzz with “Where Are We Going, Dad?”, “I Am a Singer”, “Ode to Joy”, “Disney”, “A Dream of Red Mansions” etc.

Clients Amy had worked with include Yili, Master Kong, Mars, Bayer, Sanofi, Mizubishi Motors, LOREAL, Kanebo Cosmetics, Taishin Bank, Shinguang Bank etc.

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Managing Director, Beijing, China