Proud Legacy


One out of two women from vulnerable communities in Colombia lives in menstrual poverty. Because they cannot afford menstrual products due to their limited income, they are forced to use unsuitable elements such as toilet paper, rags and socks resulting in severe urinal and vaginal infections and reproductive health issues. Additionally, the stigma around menstruation and lack of education cause young women to skip almost 20% of school days.

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Inspired by their heritage, we brought together generations of women in a sewing studio to teach them the partly forgotten tradition of making sanitary pads, we created a sewing studio dedicated to defeating menstrual poverty by teaching three generations of women to sew their own sanitary pads and rethink them with innovation with a blood-color-guide in the fabric patterns to compare their flow and detect menstrual-related health conditions and self-made and reusable to guarantee lasting access.

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  • 100% of Tomarrazón’s women menstrual rights guaranteed
  • Tomarrazón became the first territory with a lasting solution to menstrual poverty
  • 4 years with menstrual products assured
  • Became an educational tool to embrace the menstrual cycle with pride
  • The sewing studio is now replicable throughout Colombia
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