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September 30, 2019

Cyprus’ first Advertising Festival, Carob Awards took place on September 12, at the Cyprus National Theatre, in the presence of almost 600 spectators from the communication industry. Partners VMLY&R along with their sister companies pr:partners and Byte The Digital Agency brought home 25 Awards: 4 gold, 13 silver and 8 bronze, finishing amongst the most awarded agencies of the evening.

The awards were awarded after ratings from five Jury Committees, with 99 members representing advertising/communication companies, advertisers, the media, etc., in long Committee meetings.

Managing/Chief Creative Director of Partners VMLY&R, Loucas Gregoras, was the first Chairman of the organizing committee and the Partners agency was responsible for the communication of the awards to fellow agencies and the public.

Carob Awards are an initiative of the Cyprus Communication Agencies Association, the official body representing the advertising and communications community in Cyprus since 1982. The awards’ aim is to highlight the talent and hard work of Cypriot professionals in the advertising and communications industry, rewarding creativity and its creators.

Partners as a modern-day advertising agency, is here to connect brands to audiences with purpose and results. It will continue to do so by remaining a visionary and by implementing game changing ideas that will lead to more gold, silver or bronze awards. The goal is to continue to excel on behalf of their clients and the agency itself.

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