Lanitis Active juice launched in the market last October and the challenge was to encourage consumers to give it a try, confident in the quality of the product itself. The key was for the audience to get to know us while communicating the main differentiation factor – that Lanitis Active ‘gives you more’.

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The idea was born from the product’s name, “Active”, and its characteristics. The juice is packed with more fruit and more vitamins than all competitive products. Its name conveys a bold and energetic character and those were the feelings we wanted to put across. So we focused on speaking to an audience that seeks more things in life. Those that never rest, that step out of their comfort zone, that grasp every opportunity and live new experiences. Our slogan, “More you”, came from the insight that when you get more, you give more.

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The campaign has a very modern and empowering message that appeals to a younger generation. The channels we chose for this campaign were TV and digital, particularly Social Media, resulting in more than 250K views on YouTube in less than one month and most importantly, in exceeding the expected sales of the product.

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