Aroxol: Game Over


When it comes to insecticides and insect repellents, Aroxol is a household name. Available in various product offerings, the brand owns the product category. The task was to keep the brand Aroxol at its top-of-mind awareness with a relevant TVC spot within a tight budget.


Iconic as a brand especially in Cyprus and Greece, Aroxol’s job is to exterminate flies, mosquitoes gnats and cockroaches; to totally dominate its opponents. Correlating this characteristic with legends of martial and pugilistic arts we decided to pair our product with iconic masters at defeating their opponents. Our anti-character, a cockroach inspired by; Rocky Balboa, Karate Kid, and Bruce Lee personalities in their most famous on-screen moments, was brought face to face with an unbeatable opponent Aroxol. The result: Game Over.


The 3 TVC’s created were loved by audiences especially those who had grown up with such iconic characters. In fact, no matter how prepared or how much training a cockroach goes through, Aroxol is an impossible opponent to beat.

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