Cyta, as the authority in telecommunications on the island of Cyprus with a long heritage of serving innovation and supporting the nation, required a 360 campaign to communicate their new product and services packages to small, medium and large businesses.

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Building on their brand strength, trust, we created a marketing campaign with the message that with the solid foundations provided by Cyta as your business partner, there is no limit on how far you want your business to go. The idea is based on the consumer-centric approach that Cyta is not only your partner but also your enabler. To illustrate this approach we used benchmark 3D/CGI production to show literally that there is no end to the expansion of your business. Our TVC demonstrated that a business journey doesn’t have to be walked alone. A great partner shares your goals and makes your dreams possible.

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Alongside the main image TV commercial created which established the strength of Cyta’s new offering in the business market, a further 3 TVC’s were created to speak directly to small, medium and large businesses respectively and showcased specialised product offerings such as security, mobility and support. The campaign was fully supported with digital and creative media activations.

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