The carols of Christmas


The second wave of pandemic was very crucial for the world, especially in the Christmas Holidays period. People were expecting the holidays to spend quality time with their loved ones, however, the new restrictive measures made people hopeless for the upcoming period. OPAP Cyprus, as one of the biggest organizations in Cyprus, wanted to give a positive message to the community for the Holidays.

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In Cyprus, it is a tradition that kids go door to door and sing the Cypriot Christmas Carols during Christmas. The idea came with the fact that this Christmas, kids wouldn’t be allowed to hold this tradition, something that would not go unnoticed by the public. OPAP Cyprus, as a supporter of society and culture, created a TV ad in cooperation with the Youth Cyprus Symphony, presenting children singing the Cypriot Christmas Carols in several popular landscapes in Cyprus.

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We chose to approach the idea through different media such us, television, social media and with web banners.

We created a spot with beautiful landscapes, portraying emotional captures from the kids singing, as this is the period dedicated to them. The video was also applied on online platforms, with very positive comments from the users. This spot managed to send the message that the true meaning of Christmas wouldn’t be missed and that Christmas will forever remain the most wonderful celebration. 

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