Cytavision: New Experience


We were tasked with communicating Cytavision’s exciting features as well as its updated content, so that existing customers are encouraged to ask Cyta for the new decoder, while also creating the feeling of envy for new customers to come aboard. Cytavision’s most fascinating feature is the Cytavision Go application, where customers can now watch their favourite shows on the go – in Cyprus and Europe with the use of any smart device. Exciting! But Netflix is cheaper. So how do you convince existing customers to stay loyal and how do you convince potential customers to become your customers?

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We let the product itself guide us. An amazing TV experience, anytime, anywhere. With the use of 3D, we created the world of Cytavision. Every building became a TV screen, in a city where heroes came alive and so did dinosaurs. A father and a son when outdoors, turn to the Cytavision application for entertainment and immediately become part of this imaginary world that takes place in their city.

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In order to convey the new Cytavision experience and attract our multiple target audiences, a 360° campaign was developed utilising the power of various platforms, in order to achieve maximum exposure both for the image campaign and the product campaign regarding the new features. The campaign was very well received and gained much exposure in a short period of time.

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