2018 was the inception of the Gigabit era in Cyprus. Cyta, as the authority in telecommunications on the island with a long heritage, required a 360 campaign to communicate this CSR objective moving us forward and connecting us to the possibilities of the future.  Yet the future is not something that can be seen so how can this promise be embraced by the whole nation? How could we inspire and bring all onboard with this epic undertaking to future proof the whole island. A project which required a decade to complete and executed village by village, town by town and city by city.

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The stars have always symbolised the future. We look to them to predict changes in weather, plot our course to discover different lands and in the hands of some, we even use them to predict the future. The future is written in the stars, literally, light years ahead into space, into infinity. Fiber is a technology that is based on light speed. When travelling to the future in time and space, we measure the distance in light. That is the technology of Fiber. Children are also the first to see the future, they are the first to adapt to future technologies, they hold the future in their hands and they are the future. Our advertising campaign was driven by a singular child, inspired by the stars and always looking up and ahead, captivated by the possibilities and dreams that could be.

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The TV commercial alongside the supportive branding activations which all reflected the singularity of the child with the future in their hands, proved after independent analysis to be; the Most Loved TV ad by Cyta. This was a massive success as it showed that audiences nationwide received the inspiring message unequivocally.

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