A Fresh Way To Look At Life


The challenge was to uplift the image of the largest insurance company in Cyprus, EuroLife, from an old fashioned classic insurance company to a modern and fresh brand that can help the consumer make their dreams a reality, by providing security and safety.

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The idea was to create a concept that took the literal meaning of EuroLife’s new slogan “A fresh way to look at life”. Our campaign focuses on people who have second thoughts about going out of their comfort zones and experiencing new things, and ultimately missing out on the best things in life.

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Today, a year after the launch of the campaign, the results are positive and encouraging. In order to convey our campaign’s message and to attract our multiple target audiences, a 360 campaign was developed utilising the power of various platforms. Experiential marketing played a key part in our campaign as our audience had the opportunity to interact with the brand through the ‘Box of Experiences’. A box where a gift was given to whoever took part, inviting them to ‘see life differently’ and take a moment and enjoy every moment. With the power of social media, we were able in a just a few months to communicate our messages and to engage with the younger generation, who were never interested in insurance companies in the past. EuroLife continues to grow and to maintain a leading position in the market, with a market share of 26% and with more than 8.5 billion euros in individual and group life insurance coverage.

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