International Product into a Local Success


To place Mr. Brown no1 on the top of mind of consumers in the ready-to-drink iced coffee category. Win the heart and mind of the younger audience (14-18) and of course be #1 in sales.

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We invested in digital mainly through interactive banners and later Facebook, to reach and engage the younger generation, using gaming competitions and cool gadgets as gifts.

The overall look and feel was fun and entertaining, resulting in huge engagement numbers. After we built a big pool of fans, we launched a disruptive campaign through a mobile application supported by above-the-line communication. It was called “Apptakes”, a combination of the word “app” (application) and the Greek word “atakes” which means “slang quotes”. A customized mobile application, especially for the Cyprus market. Mr. Brown’s image is rooted on authenticity, so what better way to go mobile than with an app that plays on traditional, Cypriot phrases.

The huge number of people downloading the app led us to launch “apptakes” part 2, using phrases from the consumers. More than 40,000 downloads, this was a unique success for Cyprus standards. From then on, we continued using the Cypriot dialect in our Facebook communication, resulting in more engagement and creating a mind set of “our own Cypriot iced coffee”! The TV commercials were created in a music video style, with original music and music. The scenes are slices of life supporting the concept of authenticity, as Mr. Brown’s slogan is “Authentic People – Authentic Moments – Authentic Coffee”. They are again youthful, fun and entertaining, projecting real consumers’ moments with Mr. Brown.

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Mr. Brown is #1 on the top of mind of consumers on the category of the ready-to-drink iced coffee.
#1 in sales.
The preferred iced coffee of the younger audience.
Mr. Brown is now a love brand in Cyprus with loyal followers.

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