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In this new digital transaction era, contactless payment adoption accelerates for both consumers and businesses. JCC Payment Systems is always adjusting and adapting to changing market and consumer needs. This time it’s done so with the launch of a new product - the JCC SoftPOS application for small businesses. This application provides a diverse range of on-the-go and small businesses who have consciously decided not to adopt the existing tech, the option of contactless payments for their customers using their mobile phones.

Having in mind that we must communicate to small business owners who mostly run their own business alone, we needed to create a straightforward message in order to ensure they feel the relevance of the service to their circumstances as well as communicate its benefits.

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The idea originated from the insight that these business owners run their business, and all aspects of it, mostly alone. Our first objective then was to   understand their needs and everyday struggles. The message “Είσαι μια επιχείρηση από μόνος σου;” was the right question to address the right audience, grab their attention and help them understand the offering, while focusing on the trigger points that would make them stop and show interest. It was very important to keep the message simple by tapping on their need, enhancing the opportunity, emphasising on the cost-benefit and the fact that JCC is here every step of the journey.

Also, the objective for JCC Payment Systems was to attract and engage new sign-ups. Therefore, we created a landing asset to inspire users from the first moment they interact with the brand and manage to influence the decision-making process when it comesto the product. Also, we created a contemporary and sleek digital environment to not only impress, but also allow visitors to find the information they are interested in, in no time. We highlighted the brand’s colours to accentuate brightness and used white space to insert a fresh approach and make room for content to be more clear.

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We created a digital-first campaign, utilizing the power of various digital platforms. One of the main objectives of the digital strategy was smart targeting and incremental reach. For this, we used different digital channels with a focus on integration. We streamlined our key channels and tactics into one plan so we could track and manage our campaign goals. We also created ads for outdoor and radio. This campaign successfully established a fresh and more digitalized image for JCC’s offerings.

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