The main challenge for this campaign was to promote Joker Game to the general public. Its clientele was ‘aging’, mainly male, and our attempt was to widen the audience and amplify the positive intention to participate.

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The main goal of this campaign was to awaken the desire of playing the Joker game in order to increase the chances of winning, to be at the top of the mind, brand empower and communicate the ease of access for young and female audiences.

It all started from a simple, every day truth: we have all found ourselves from time to time imagining what we would do if we ever won the lottery. And yet so many of us have these conversations without ever buying a lottery ticket or playing a game that pays out. In comes Joker. The campaign calls for you to act on this common truth and calls us out on this habit. ‘You say what you’ll do if you win. But have you actually played?’ It invites the customer to stop just thinking about what they’d do if they won, and actually play the game.

OPAP’s campaign is all about everyday people, with everyday needs and full of dreams. They may have different needs but they all have something in common – they dream of becoming a winner and why not get one step closer by playing Joker.

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The results were extremely positive both for us as an agency and for the brand. Joker coupon sales increased, brand recognition/awareness skyrocketed and the game’s audience widened, got younger and much more variety.

In fact, the slogan itself came alive in a much broader sense, inserted into conversations, used by national newspapers for irrelevant news stories and everyday people in daily conversations.

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