Kiddo Brand was launched in 2013 in an effort to capture flavoured milk market. Since competitor have a big market share, the challenge was to stand out and connect with our target audience, the kids.

The main ingredients in our communication was described from the words fun, exciting, indulgence, emotional and innovative & interactive. We target children between 5 to 12 years old, and build brand awareness for the product.

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The idea behind Kiddo was to create excitement and emotional connection between kids and Kiddo brand leveraging Kiddo characters. From the launch of our campaign we continuing built in our characters and let children to know the characters. We make children to feel as part of the Kiddo family band.

A milestone in the Kiddo campaigns was the ”KIDDOBAND” campaign. The ‘‘KIDDOBAND’’ offers the opportunity of KiddoFriends creating and sharing their unique KiddoMusic rhythms. The target by creating this music journey was the young consumers coming closer to the Kiddo characters which are the protagonists of the KIDDOBAND. Winners had the unique opportunity to listen their music playing live in the radio.

One year later we launched another communication, were the ‘children fans’ were given the opportunity to play and have a good time with the brand characters. The campaign touched a funnier aspect, that of ‘gaming. The main objective was to officially introduce the characters and give out more information about what they like and what their preferences are.

In order to stimulate interest and convey the desired message to the targeted audience we decide to continue building in our characters and we give them KiddoPower. The main idea was to keep children interested so we have a research that confirmed our perception that extraordinary is fascinating!

We haven’t just created superpowers for our characters, we’ve created values.

Throughout an interactive comic book, kids unlock each characters KiddoPower by playing mini games throughout. Powers comes from within when we treat people around us with kindness, giving them strength, we ourselves get stronger.

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