Kids Savings Account


Kids’ savings account is a very competitive sector in Cyprus due to the family oriented culture that drives parents to save for their child’s future. For this specific campaign, our main target group was primarily young parents with millennial characteristics. Additionally, this campaign had to build brand image, showcase the modern face of the bank and follow the bank’s enabler strategy. We wanted to work with real people and authentic situations, aiming to be more relevant to the bank’s clients, so we created a story based on true local facts and heroes.


Our multi-channel advertising campaign focuses on the fact that whatever dreams children have about their future, parents should be able to support them. The key word here is “whatever” in the sense that we cannot predict the future, neither parents can decide for their child’s future but they should be able to support them in whichever path they choose.

We built our campaign on a somewhat uncommon real life story of a sixteen year old girl, current cross-fit women’s champion in Cyprus and ranked 10th in a recent world championship. The focus was placed around her effort and determination to succeed, her demanding and challenging training and her parents’ support.


The campaign has a modern, inspirational vibe that is empowering and at the same time emotional, touching both the younger generation and parents.

Spreading the campaign across mediums and channels including TV, digital, print publications and radio, but keeping a consistent main message, resulted in an increased number of applications for the Bank’s Kids Saving account.

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